Our Charity - Ovarian Cancer Action

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Ovarian Cancer Action is the UK's leading ovarian cancer research charity. They fund research to save lives.

A woman dies from ovarian cancer every two hours, yet the diagnosis and treatment lags behind high profile diseases like prostate or breast cancer. And we think this is unacceptable. https://youtu.be/TBsMyA5K3Ps (BBC News video).

We’re Ovarian Cancer Action – a UK charity dedicated to beating the sixth most common cancer in women. We want to empower women, to give them a voice, and to create a better future for the thousands of mothers, partners, sisters, daughters and friends affected by this disease. We’re here to champion the cause and bring people together to overcome a disease that strikes at the heart of what it means to be a woman.

We fund research that saves lives by attacking the problem at every level; from developing better treatments so women with the disease can live longer, to developing a screening tool to ensure it is caught in its earliest stage. Screening programmes for cervical and bowel cancers have reduced cases significantly and we want to replicate that success. The Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre is the only facility of its kind in the UK and for ten years it’s been home to talented scientists from around the world. With your help we find and fund the innovators who can break this cancer.

We raise awareness. With no national screening programme and a low survival rate it’s vital that everyone is educated about the disease and its symptoms so cases can be identified early. Women diagnosed at stage 1 have a 90% survival rate compared to 19% at stage 3. From GP training to social media campaigns - we are always spreading the word!

We campaign for change. We are committed to preventing hereditary ovarian cancer and continue to campaign to ensure that all women at high risk have access to genetic testing and information about how they can reduce their risk. Preventative options such as risk-reducing surgery and increased surveillance could prevent a potential 1,000 cases per year.

Our mission is to stop women dying of ovarian cancer but we can’t do it alone. We mobilise people to take action, to spread the word, to tell their stories, and raise the vital funds we need to beat this disease once and for all.

We’re driven by a simple belief; we’re defined in life by our actions, not our words. Only action can move the world forward and change the outcome for thousands of lives. And we need your help.

Join us. Fight with us. Act Now.  

Professor Ahmed Ahmed

How Ovarian Cancer Action fund research

Ovarian Cancer Action are committed to funding research of the highest standard that will improve ovarian cancer outcomes.  Every five years, our research is rigorously reviewed and our research strategy updated.  This ensures that the science we fund remains focused, high quality, and directly relevant to women with the disease.

My daughter Bobbie and I were invited to an OCA awards ceremony in 2018 where we saw Professor Ahmed Ahmed being presented with a cheque for £xx to continue with his research. It made us realise how much this charity need to raise money and just as importantly, awareness of the work that is being carried out to improve the lives of women who are born with faulty genes that lead to cancer.

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Della "Ferrari" Lamden, Organiser

I was lucky.  When I was diagnosed with cancer I had a Macmillan nurse at my hospital bedside.  When I returned home, a Macmillan nurse visited and flushed out my tubes.  When I was in the height of treatment a Macmillan nurse was there to answer my clinical questions.  When I was distressed with my hair loss, a Macmillan nurse directed me to the wig shop.  When I had no money from being unable to work, Macmillan arranged a grant to pay for my car tax.  When my cancer returned and I didn't know where to turn, a Macmillan nurse listened to my woes and gave me words of hope and encouragement.  

It shouldn't be a matter of luck.  Everyone affected by cancer should receive this vital support.  The new centre will help tremendously. 

This is my way of giving back.

Cancer diagnosis 2005