Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

The Concept

To hold a charity event in recognition of Macmillan Cancer Support's fantastic work.  A fun, glitzy, black tie evening in Sussex with a 'splash of green' to honour Macmillan's corporate colour.  The purpose, to raise money and awareness of the new Macmillan Horizon Centre for the people of Sussex.  The evening will be the coming together of a variety of organisations with their families & friends from all over the country.

The Committee

The committee for the 2015 event is made up of the following individuals who are all volunteers - Della "Ferrari" Lamden (Cancer Survivor & Fundraiser), Tracey Whalley (Friend & Treasurer), Jack Palmer (Step-Father & Auction Donations), Faye Denyer (Friend and Tombola Donations), Bobbie Lamden (Daughter & Right-Hand-Man on the night). Plus, Sarah Coxhill (Macmillan Fundraising Manager for Sussex).

The Sponsor

Hmmmm.... decisions... decisions....!  TBA  

For more details contact: xxx,  Marketing Director,  Direct Dial: xxx

Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

In memory of... Helen O'Gorman

Helen was a cancer patient 3 times over before she was taken from us in January 2014.  An ambassador for cancer services in Sussex.  A trustee of the Olive Tree Cancer Support Group.  A highly respected colleague of everyone she worked with.  An avid supporter and confidente to myself prior to all 3 Splash of Green charity ball events.

Helen was my friend.  I'm sure I speak for all of the above when I say thank you Helen, for everything.  RIP. x